Book Launch on Mental Health Day

7 Oct 2009

Carmarthenshire County Council have supported a new book launched on World Mental Health Day, Thursday 8 October.   Footsteps Without Prints  (Iconau), has been created by a group of writers, poets and artists, all of who have at some time been users of mental health services.

The book has been produced by the Carmarthenshire Mental Health Forum - a network of voluntary organisations, carers and services with an interest in mental health.

The book was funded by a mental health promotion grant from Carmarthenshire Local Health Board.

It’s aim is to showcase the talent of the writers and artists, and to illustrate the importance of tackling stigma around mental health.

And it promises to be a challenging and rewarding read, with both autobiographical and fictional articles and poems, presented alongside inspirational artwork and photographs.

It has been published by the Ferryside-based publishing house, Iconau.

Publisher Dominic Williams said: "It is very pleasing to be involved in a project such as this.  Foosteps without Prints  is an important volume and a great opportunity to give a voice to these writers and a platform for the artists."

The book has been published to mark World Mental Health Day, which is a significant annual international event that aims to celebrate and promote mental health. 

The Day is internationally coordinated by the World Federation for Mental Health and co-sponsored by the World Health Organisation, a specialised agency of the United Nations.

Cllr Pat Jones, Carmarthenshire County Council’s executive board member for health and social care, said: "I look forward to reading this book and hearing first hand the challenges that people with mental health issues face in their every day lives.

"It is inspirational that people who still live with mental health issues, or who have worked hard to overcome these issues, have been able to express themselves in this way.

"I congratulate them, and wish them well for any future editions."


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