Better Than Shopping

11 Jan 2010

Honno's latest collection of short stories,  Cut on the Bias,  was launched at The Bookshop, Aberystwyth Arts Centre, on Thursday 21st January. Reading the book was described by Radio Wales presenter Nicola Heywood-Thomas as 'better than shopping'.

Cut on the Bias,  was the inspiration of theatre director Stephanie Tillotson who wanted to explore the intensely personal relationships women have with what they wear.

The call for submissions attracted over 200 entries from women across Wales and beyond, with 23 stories being selected for inclusion.

The stories cover a wide range of subjects, from serious issues, such as a woman who experiences domestic abuse, an older woman remembering the death of her younger brother from diphtheria in the '50s; and about finding love when one is at one's most vulnerable and exposed. Also included are more inspirational stories - a Down's syndrome woman faces the future with hope, a group of friends get the better of a reality television programme that aims to redress them in the style of Trinny and Suzannah and a woman gets rid of her boyfriend using the ruby slippers from the film,  'The Wizard of Oz'!

"Clothes - objects of desire, armour, a comfortable friend or a revenful enemy. The relationships we have with clothes are beautifully explored in this collection of short stories. Women of all ages will recognise themselves and their emotions in these stories which take us on a journey through wit and humour to heartache and triumph. Reading these stories is better than shopping!"  commmented Nicola Heywood-Thomas, Radio Wales


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