Stevie Davies Book Launch at the Dylan Thomas Centre

9 Mar 2010

The Dylan Thomas Centre, Swansea was the scene of the launch of Stevie Davies’s  Into Suez  (Parthian) on Tuesday, 9 March.

Swansea's Stevie Davies is the author of eleven novels, two of which have been listed for the Booker Prize. Her most recent novel, published by Parthian Books, is set in the run up to the Suez Crisis, a template for future invasions (Iraq and Afghanistan being the most recent). Through the story of Joe, an ordinary working man on the front line, Stevie explores how imperialist attitudes to the Middle East have failed to change since 1950.

"Davies just writes, very precisely, sometimes wonderfully - sometimes fiction, sometimes non-fiction - and always from the heart. She does what a writer does - making beauty for strangers, passing it on." - AL Kennedy.


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