Dic Jones, Cefin Roberts and a New Novel by Lleucu Roberts - Just Some of the New Welsh Books Ready for this year's National Eisteddfod at the Vale of Glamorgan

23 Jul 2012

A wide range of Welsh-language books are being published during the period leading up to this year’s National Eisteddfod at the Vale of Glamorgan, with a choice of biographies, novels, books of poetry and gift volumes amongst the rich variety available.

One of this summer’s books is  Bro a Bywyd Dic Jones  (Barddas), a publication to be treasured, containing a number of photographs never before seen even by members of the family. The history of the development of Glanaethwy School for Performers is recounted by Cefin Roberts in his book  Cofion, Cefin  (Gwasg y Bwthyn) and readers will be sure to welcome the latest novel by the popular author Lleucu Roberts,  Rhyw Fath o Ynfytyn  (Y Lolfa), a novel about the madness of love.

All the Eisteddfod volumes are ready to be delivered to bookshops, and have already been given wide publicity in the colourful supplement  Llyfrau’r Haf,  published by the Books Council and widely distributed through the Welsh-language community newspapers, libraries and bookshops. This year, 65,000 copies of the supplement were produced to be distributed throughout Wales.

"The publishing industry in Wales is very fortunate in having two periods of high sales," said Richard Owen, Head of the Books Council’s Publishing Grants Department. "In addition to the period leading up to Christmas, readers know that a good crop of books are also published in the summer, and the National Eisteddfod provides an excellent opportunity for thousands of people to see the output produced by our authors and publishers. We feel certain that they will not be disappointed this year with the wide variety of books available for adults, teenagers and children."

With Christine James, the Archdruid designate, herself brought up in a non-Welsh-speaking family, it is interesting to note that two other prominent Welsh learners, Tony Bianchi and Jerry Hunter, are both publishing novels this year.  Ras Olaf Harri Selwyn  by Tony Bianchi (Gomer), has as its theme the complicated relationship between people, and Jerry Hunter’s novel,  Gwreiddyn Chwerw  (Gwasg Gwynedd), discusses the position of women in society in a period over a century ago.

The Books Council will have a stand on the Eisteddfod field again this year, and everyone is welcome to call.  A special welcome is extended to members of the Friends of the Books Council to attend a reception at the stand at 6pm on Wednesday, 8 August.


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