Aberystwyth Signing Sessions

27 Nov 2012

Cynan Jones  and  Lloyd Jones  signed copies of their new books in the New Stories From the Mabinogion Series (Seren), at Waterstones, Aberystwyth, on Tuesday, 27 November.

See How They Run

Dr Llwyd McNamara is peering into his computer to uncover the truth about the great Welsh rugby player big M before writing his biography. But the gods have other plans.

Bird, Blood, Snow

This tale transforms the Arthurian legend of Peredur into a quixotic romp through a contemporary Welsh school of hard knocks. The original Peredur tale recounts the adventures of a youth bent on recognition as a knight in King Arthur's court. In true questing fashion, he defends maidens, defeats giants, and eventually overcomes the witches who have cursed him.


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