Lôn Fain Launch

13 Nov 2013

Dafydd John Pritchard's poetry collection,  Lôn Fain  (Cyhoeddiadau Barddas), was launched at Aberystwyth, 15 November.

As part of Gŵyl Lyfrau'r Morlan, Aberystwyth,  Lôn Fain  (Cyhoeddiadau Barddas) was launched at the Morlan, on Friday, 15 November. Dafydd John Pritchard, Professor Damian Walford Davies and Côr ABC will be taking part, and the evening will be led by Lyn Lewis Dafis.

Lôn Fain  is Dafydd John Pritchard's second volume of poetry comprises poems in both strict and free verse reflecting piercing comments on society.


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