Book launch at Aberystwyth

16 Jan 2014

A Welsh-language book about Christianity,  Ffiniau ac Arfordir Ffydd  (Y Lolfa) was launched at Aberystwyth, 16 January 2014.

A book by Pryderi Llwyd Jones,  Ffiniau ac Arfordir Ffydd  (Y Lolfa), was launched at Canolfan Morlan, Aberystwyth, Thursday, 16 January. The evening was led by Dr Huw Owen, and a discussion took place between John Roberts (BBC), Revd Enid Morgan and Revd Prof Densil Morgan.

This is a written version of the Davies Lecture, 2012. The topic being crossing the Christian boundaries and a discussion on abstaining many different limits. The author focuses mainly on the Iona Community established in 1938 and the authors belief that they offer guidance and a new challenge to the churches in Wales.


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