An attempt to create the world's largest poem

5 Mar 2015

On World Book Day, Aneirin Karadog, the Bardd Plant Cymru (Children’s Poet Laureate), has set a challenge to compose the world’s largest poem!

Today on World Book Day Aneirin Karadog, the Bardd Plant Cymru (Children’s Poet Laureate), calls on every child, young person and school in Wales to help him write the world’s largest poem!

Following on from St David’s Day, the theme for the Big Poem challenge is  ‘little things’. This theme also coincides with the Welsh Government’s  #PethauBychain campaign to encourage people to do small things to increase their use of the Welsh language.

All you have to do to take part in the challenge is compose a four line poem, rhyming ABAB, and send it to us using the digital form on the Bardd Plant website:

Send in your poem by Tuesday 5 May, and each of the individual poems will be collected together and edited by Aneirin to create the world’s largest poem!

S4C is one of the sponsors of the Bardd Plant Cymru, and Sioned Wyn Roberts, S4C Content Commissioner for children’s programmes can’t wait to see the finished work;  "We wish Bardd Plant Cymru the best of luck in his challenge and I’m looking forward to seeing the finished masterpiece.

"This challenge presents an opportunity for young poets across Wales, and beyond, to prove that by working together the smallest contribution can make a big impact. So how about it? Why not get composing?"

The completed poem will be read on Tuesday 26 May at the Caerphilly Urdd Eisteddfod, where the name of the next Bardd Plant also be announced. Also, the names of each school participating in the challenge will be put into a hat, and one chosen at random to win a school visit from the Bardd Plant during the summer term.


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