Welsh Books Council welcomes important visitors

9 Sep 2015

Welsh Books Council's Distribution Centre welcomes Edwina Hart and Elin Jones.

Welsh Books Council welcomes important visitors

Welsh Assembly Minister with responsibility for the Economy, Edwina Hart recently visited the Distribution Centre at the Welsh Books Council in Aberystwyth along with local Assembly Member Elin Jones.

Both had the opportunity of seeing a wide selection of books produced by publishers in Wales as well as receiving information on the services offered by the Welsh Books Council. It was also an opportunity to highlight the contribution of the publishing industry to the economy.

‘It was delightful to have the opportunity of welcoming the Assembly Members to the Welsh Books Council,’  said Elwyn Jones, its Chief Exectuive, as he highlighted the important role of the Council in promoting Welsh culture in both languages as well as supporting the publishers and booksellers across Wales.

He concluded:  ‘With an estimate of around 1,000 people working in the publishing industry, both realised the significant contribution the Council makes to the Welsh economy.’

Welsh Books Council welcomes important visitors


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