Golwg 360 to Continue Providing a Welsh-language Digital News Service

5 Oct 2016

The Welsh Books Council is pleased to announce that Golwg Newydd Ltd have won the tender to provide the Welsh-language Digital News Service for the next three years.

Tenders were invited to run the Welsh-language Digital News Service at the beginning of the summer and interviews of an exceptionally high standard were held at the Welsh Books Council’s headquarters in Aberystwyth last week.

Golwg Newydd Ltd have run Golwg 360 (golwg360.cymru), their online and digital service, since it was established in 2008.

"Golwg Newydd presented a clear and comprehensive vision for a digital news service which will provide a unique perspective on Welsh and International news," said Elwyn Jones, Chief Executive of the Welsh Books Council.

"Running a digital news service is a constant challenge. From providing coverage, almost 24/7, to keeping up with the latest digital developments and selecting the best platforms for disseminating the news," said Dr Lucy Thomas, Head of the Grants Department, Welsh Books Council.

Elwyn Jones added, "The Welsh-language Digital News Service, funded by the Welsh Books Council, is a valuable addition to the plurality of the services available to the Welsh public."

Golwg Newydd’s contract will begin on 1 April 2017 and will run until the end of March 2020.


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