New Publications on the Welsh Books Council App!

16 Mar 2017

CAA Cymru (Educational Resource Publisher) has recently launched a new series of aps, 'Moli a Meg' and 'Jac a Jes' on the  Welsh Books Council App.

This series were written by the author Christa Richardson, who is also a teacher at Ysgol Teilo Sant.

'Cyfres Moli a Meg', is a series of appealing and vibrant books, aimed at children who have started to learn Welsh as a second language. In the series of 8 books for children under 7 years of age, the reader follows the journey of Moli and Meg, a young girl and her beloved cat, as they visit different locations, that will be familiar to children, such as the park, the garden or the leisure centre.

'Cyfres Jac a Jes' follows the journey of a young boy and his dog on their adventures to different locations, such as the secret cave and the forest.

The 'Jac a Jes' series is for children between 7 and 9 years of age, and is also aimed at those who are learning Welsh as a second language. Four of these books are fictional books, whilst the other four weave a story into a factual book, on subjects such as the red kite and batik-making.

In the words of Bethan Davies, Head Teacher at Ysgol Comins Coch, near Aberystwyth:

"There is plenty of repetition of vocabulary in these books, which is essential for learners. The illustrations are simple yet effective in 'Cyfres Moli a Meg', and the illustrations in 'Jac a Jes' are very appealing and appropriate for the target age group."

Both series, 'Moli a Meg' and 'Jac a Jes' are available to download via the  Welsh Books Council App.


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